Prosthetic Services


Transfemoral Prosthetics

Above-Knee Limb Loss Solutions

An above-knee (AK) prosthetic leg combines a custom-made socket with a supportive frame, knee unit, foot and ankle. Prosthetic sockets support the body weight through the pelvic anatomy and can be suspended using numerous methods. Knee units mimic the anatomical control of the thigh muscles about the knee. Microprocessor controlled knees have provided above-knee amputees great control to prevent stumbles and allow safe stair decent. Prosthetic ankles and feet provide a combination of energy return and ground compliance mimic the human foot.


Transtibial Prosthetics

Below-Knee Limb Loss Solutions

A below-knee (BK) leg prosthesis typically consists of a custom-made socket, and a foot and ankle. Socket technology has come a long way and provides great skin protection from pressure and friction. New vacuum assisted suspension technology provides control and decreased volume fluctuations. Prosthetic ankles and feet provide energy return and conform to the terrain for improved stability and endurance.


Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Upper extremity prosthetics provide both function and cosmesis and allow amputees to perform basic and advanced tasks. The human hand is complicated, but the latest prosthetic technology ensures that patients with upper limb loss can accomplish all of their goals. Many patients with upper limb loss utilize more than one type of prosthesis to accomplish this. We are proud to offer expertise in cosmetic restorations of the upper limb, body-powered prostheses, sport prostheses and myoelectric prostheses for all levels of upper extremity amputations.

Orthotic Services



Designed to treat pain, fractures, Scoliosis and degeneration, spinal orthotics can improve your comfort and quality of life. Whether you need a custom brace designed just for you or simply want a little extra support from a custom-fitted brace, our team can help you find the solution that is right for you.


Lower Extremity

Lower extremity orthotics are external devices that are applied to a leg to provide support, reduce pain, correct deformities and prevent progression of deformities. Common lower extremity braces include: AFO’s ( ankle-foot orthoses), KAFO’s ( Knee-ankle-foot orthoses) and HKAFO’s ( hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses). Each device is designed to address the patient’s specific clinical presentation after careful evaluation. The goal is to restore maximum stability and mobility.



Used for Plagiocephaly and Brachiocephaly, cranial helmets can help correct asymmetries of head shape that have become more prevalent in infants. Our team can evaluate and fit your child with the appropriate custom helmet, ensuring that the problem is corrected and that your little one is comfortable and secure.

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