Gale Hunter -

I’ve been an amputee since 2008. Tom Martin /Anderson Prosthetics has been like a second family to me. Tom & staff made me feel at home from day one, and Tom fought for me to get the best quality prosthetic leg for my active lifestyle. There is nothing I can’t do.

Tom Martin is the perfect example for amputees because he is an amputee himself, and can relate to whatever problems come along with having a prosthetic leg , with fitting, walking, running, etc.

I can not express how grateful and blessed I am to have met Tom and the Anderson Prosthetics family.


Kelly -

Thank you for being so instrumental in helping me regain my athletic abilities. My running leg has been a godsend.

Not only have you provided me with an excellent fitting state-of-the-art prosthesis, you have been a great friend and a wonderful mentor.

I would not be where I am today without your motivation and your care. Thanks!

Garrett -

Our son lost his leg just below the knee a little over a year ago in an auto accident. He was 16 at the time.

Through the professionalism and personal interest Tom Martin and his team have taken with him, he can not only walk flawlessly, he just finished playing varsity soccer this year and was part of our state championship team. He is also preparing for the upcoming basketball season, and has already played in one tip off tournament this year.

We are so grateful to Anderson Prosthetics and Orthotics for all they have done to give our son the quality of life he is able to enjoy.

Jonathan -

Being the type of person who refused to believe that I couldn’t do certain things after my injury, working with Tom and the rest of the staff at Anderson Prosthetics has been a blessing.

Their innovative ideas and personal service combined with access to the latest technology have allowed me to continue the active lifestyle that I enjoyed before.

I truly believe that this group is the best there is.

Hayden -

On the very first day we took Hayden to Anderson Prosthetics I was weary of the whole process of getting a helmet. Part of me, of course, wanted to so we could begin to correct his problem. Ever since birth, my son, was born with an extremely flat head. We tried to sleep him on his side and then back to correct it but it never improved.

Working with Anderson Prosthetics was great! When we were there, they made sure that we knew we could call anytime if we had questions or you could come by anytime. They made me feel like my son was VERY IMPORTANT. Hayden was always in EXCELLENT care there. Thank you all for everything you did for my son!

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